TxCDBG   $350,000      LOCAL   $308,366


Project consisted of installing approximately 1,750 l.f. of 6″ water transmission line, 70 l.f. of highway bore, a 48,000 gallon ground storage tank with foundation, treatment facility building and equipment including 3 cartridge vessels, pumps, gas chlorination system, and electrical controls, and rehabilitation of the TREES WELL including pump service platforms, electrical improvements and discharge piping and other related appurtenances.  Construction took place on city property on East Fourth Street, along Pecan Street and RR 337 East, and at the existing TREES WELL site on RR 337 East.

Purpose of project:  The water wells serving the residents of the City of Leakey’s CCN area have gone dry due to sustained drought conditions.  Production of Wells 1 through 4 reduced over time and pumping had to be discontinued in Wells 3 and 4.  The City continued to manually operate Wells 1 and 2 periodically.  There is no additional water infrastructure serving this community.  The City of Leakey has implemented Stage 5 of the City’s Drought Contingency Plan, with many residents hauling water,  The lack of potable water results in substantial risk to the community’s health, economy, and quality of life.


TxCDBG   $161,743           LOCAL   $225,500

Project consisted of improvements to the electrical system of the City’s water system and replacement of water line to improve reliability and to prevent frequent maintenance issues and disruptions in service.  Upgrade the water system’s electrical and controls, install approximately 330 l.f. of 6″ water line, approximately 240 l.f of 14″ steel casing, pavement repair, and all necessary appurtenances.  Construction took place the water plant, First Street from East to West of Hwy 83, Main Street from East to West of Hwy 83, Sixth Street from East to West of Hwy 83 and Sixth Street from South to North of Sixth Street. Additional water line construction work was added to accommodate the TxDot project and to save local money while the contractors were already on location.  A new 6″ water line was added on West Main Street , a new the reconstruction of a 6″ water line on RR 337, extension of 6″ water line across RR 337 West, and reconstruction of the 2″ water line along West right-of-way of Hwy 83 North. Reconstruction of 2″ water line beginning at South Live Oak Circle and ending at Northeast corner of Auld Cedar Yard.

Purpose of Project:  The City’s water pumping electrical system was in need of reconstruction.  The existing 6″ water main under Hwy 83 was deteriorated to the point of constant repair.  TxDot had proposed a Hwy 83 improvement project and prior to the street improvement allowed the City to open cut and install 14″ steel casing Encasement under Hwy. 83 which now interconnects the six inch water mains on the west and east side of Hwy 83 and the old 6″ has been abandoned.


LOCAL   $96,222

Project consisted of $44,522 for upgrading electrical at old water plant and $47,522 to relocate the 6″ water line on RR337 due to conflicts with TxDot.


LOCAL   $66,372

Project consisted of the replacement of deteriorated water line on Evergreen Street from First Street to Fifth Street.


Council Meeting

September 12, 2017

Council voted to approve bid from Hoover Construction in the amount of $49,581 to relocate water line on FM 337 due to TxDot Construction.

Council Meetings

April 10, 2017

City Council voted to erect City Pride signs on Highway 83, North and South, and FM 337, East and West.

City Council voted to have TxDot perform a speed limit survey within the city limits.